Sean Minor 4 Bears 2010 Sauvignon Blanc
Sonoma County, California
$23.99 – Vinomania

This is definately one of those seaside, poolside, lakeside, summerside kinda wines.  But that is not to say that it cannot be enjoyed all year round!  After all, you are reading this post in January! That must mean it was tasted in January!  Actually, truth be told, I first tried this wine in November after our work decorating party.  The branch was painted in all it’s Christmas festive glory, and because I “knew so much about wine” (haha…) I was sent to Vinomania…three doors down from where we were.  I walked in at five minutes before closing, so didn’t have a lot of time to browse…I was helped immediately, and when asked what I was looking for, my response was, “something friendly and easy drinking”. I didn’t have the budget, nor the food available for any big heavy Bordeaux or Burgundy.  I was handed this bottle, and off I went.  I didn’t expect something so good…High acidity (because it’s a Sauvignon Blanc), so completely mouth-smacking.  My mouth was doin’ a little dance after tasting this wine!  Notes of melon, pineapple and mango on the nose, and fresh cut grass, and fruit cocktail-ish on my palate.  Very light and refreshing indeed!  Now you can understand why it would best be enjoyed in summer, yet good at this time of year too…I didn’t eat it with anything….it was stunning all on its own!

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