2009 1884 Reservado Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina
Price:  approx $17?
13.7% alcohol

OK..let’s get a couple of things straight….I do not open a bottle of wine every single night!  I have started taking pictures of every single bottle of wine I get the opportunity to taste, and then eventually  I will blog about it.  This wine however, I DID open tonight.  For several reasons:  it’s really cold here now..in fact, you could say that winter has indeed arrived!  As we speak, I am in my fuzzy pyjamas trying to NOT think about the cold weather outside. Opening a bottle of wine to “warm up” is never a bad thing!  Secondly, I was informed early today that I would become an auntie again.  Since I started this particular post, I received the news that I now have another niece!  If that’s not reason to open a bottle of wine, I don’t know what is!  I raise my glass to you my brother!  Congratulations!

I’m not sure if I was hoarding it, or I was supposed to just wait for a special occasion such as the occasion of this evening!   Whatever the reason, it was worth it…this wine was fantastic!  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just partial to Malbec or what…after all, it was one of two wines I identified in a blind tasting! 😛  A bright garnet red colour with hints of mocha, black fruits, cigar box and forest floor on the nose.  In my mouth I tasted black cherry, coffee, and it had medium tannins and medium acidity.  At 13.7% alcohol, it was off-dry…not too sweet, and not too dry either.  It tasted wonderful on its own, and also excellent with the pork tenderloin stir fry I prepared this evening.  Surprising?  Yes!  Even to me|!!

Pork stir fry with broccoli florets,
carrots, onions and red peppers.
Served with penne pasta in a pad thai sauce!

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