Purple Cowboy?

So, what does one do when sleep is not possible?  Blog!  I’m getting reports that are wanting me to blog about Malbec…it’s coming, I promise you!  But for now, I gotta talk about this wine!

Trust the Americans to come up with cool looking labels and wine names to make those same wines much more marketable and appealing to the average consumer.  There is Red Truck, Big Ass Cab, Marilyn Merlot and 7 Deadly Zins..just to name a few.  This one is just as catchy and curious:  Purple Cowboy.  Yup, the label is purple (although you wouldn’t know it by this picture) and even the colour of the wine itself is leaning towards the purple side.   The label on the back tells me it’s “a rowdy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah”.  Admittedly, the label, and the description on the back were what made me buy this wine.  That, and the blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah together.  That’s two serious grapes mixed up in one wine bottle.  I guess that’s why they called it “Tenacious Red”. I gotta be honest with you….I liked everything about this wine:  the label, the clever marketing name, the taste, and yes….the price too.  Those Americans sucked me in…

Webster defines “tenacious” as “persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired”.  Hmm…these two grapes value each other?  They adhere together well?  Whatever reason for calling it this, it’s a good wine, plain and simple.  Beautiful scents of blackberries and raspberries, and even a hint of jasmine on the nose.  And the flavour?  Again, bursting with fruit flavours like blueberries, cranberries and raspberries, but also a few surprises as well.  There were some hints of red licorice too.  And when my husband tasted it, he agreed.

There was another flavour though that my brain knew, but couldn’t quite place.  I reached into my memory bank and found it after a couple of intense swirls in my mouth.

Do you remember those fizz candies?  You know, the ones that came in the long strip with hard candies in flavours of orange, cherry and grape?  You sucked on this candy, and sooner rather than later, the “fizz” came seeping out, filling your mouth with a volcano like explosion of grape and sodium bicarbonate!  That was my missing flavour!  The cherry fizz candy!  Awesome!  Not only did it put a smile on my face, but I was filled with happy memories of going to the rink as a kid, with my dad, to watch our small town men’s hockey team take on a neighbouring small town mens team, in what could only be described as “grassroots hockey”.  An unheated arena, exciting hockey, and fizzes….ahh…

And can you imagine what this might taste like with a succulent beef tenderloin kebab grilled over the open fire, with a side of baked beans and grilled peppers and onions?  Is your mouth watering yet?  Well, giddy up and try it…the little doggies will be ok until mornin’….

The Purple Cowboy Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah
Santa Rosa, CA – 2010
$12.99 Costco

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