It’s a Small World after all…

As I continue in this world of wine, I’m discovering that it’s actually a very small world.  You go to events featuring wine, and you see the same people:  store owners, wine reps, importers, writers, aficionados…

All of us are pretty much there for the same reason(s):  to taste something we never have before, to write about it, or sell it.  And hidden amongst that group, there are people who just go because they love wine.  I have several such friends.  My class tasting group for example. There are only two of us that have a vested interest in forging a career within the wine industry.  The other four just appreciate it.  Their day jobs have nothing to do with wine in ANY context.  That in itself is a breath of fresh air!  Why?  Because they keep me from becoming a pretentious wine snob!  Oh yes!  There are people out there in the world of wine, either educated or uneducated, that claim to know everything, and they make themselves intimidating! You wouldn’t want to ask them a question about anything, lest you look stupid.  I for one, do NOT want to become one of those people, because you know what?  Wine itself is not pretentious.  It is what it is.  Whatever is in the bottle, tells the story, either good or bad.

So with that, I’ve come up with  7 pretentious, overused, annoying, or trendy words used out there in “Wineland”.

Unctuous – I can already hear my classmates laughing!  ANY time we get together to taste wine, I find some reason to use this word.  Its literal meaning is oily, but theoretically, it is referring to a person as being oily or greasy, not wine.  So, I guess if I think my wine is a creep, I’ll refer to it as unctuous. Or maybe…that’s the guy sitting across the bar from you. I guess if I use this word, it makes me pretentious?  Ugh…maybe I should stop using it.

Flabby – “this wine is flabby”.  Really…is it fat?  Did it have too many Twinkies for breakfast that morning?  Actually, what it really means is that the wine lacks structure.  It is too heavy in your mouth, and there are really no acids or tannins playing a part, therefore it is just, well….flabby!

Approachable – “I find this wine very approachable…” You mean….you’re not afraid to go up to it and say hi? Or deliver a really bad pick up line?  C’mon…what does this really mean?!! Easy to drink? Not too expensive?

Chewy – What!?! Chunks in my wine?!? I thought wine was a liquid?  Ewww!!!!  Well actually, wine can be so big, and bold and tannic, that it is sometimes thought to be chewy.  Big taste going on in your mouth might make this wine chewy.  Does this word make me sound pretentious?  Hmm…I’m not sure.  You decide…

Quaffable– Erika threw this one out there, and I have to tell you,  I looked at her with a funny face and said “what?” I’ve never heard this word before, but I think the next time I hear someone use it, I just might burst out laughing! If you know what it means…let me know! 🙂

Fruit Forward – Ok, I know I’ve used this before, but really, how else can you say it?  I love fruit forward white wines, and I prefer the fruit coming out in red wines too!  Perhaps instead of saying that a particular wine is “fruit forward”, perhaps I could just say…”you can simply taste the various fruit flavours coming out in this wine”. Whatcha think?  Does that make the cut for un-pretentiousness?

Complex – like many a relationship out there, you can have a wine that is complex.  Now, this is not necessarily pretentious, but it may be trendy.  Seemingly, one would think that if you know everything about a certain wine, all the nuances of flavour, all the characteristics, the terroir of the region; all these details may add to the complexity of a wine.

I know there’s probably a TON of words out there that make you cringe inside when you hear them.  Maybe you even use them!  Share your words with me, and let’s have a laugh together!

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2 Responses to It’s a Small World after all…

  1. Renita says:

    Quaffable: To quaff is to drink deeply. Basically, it’s a wine that’s easy to drink.
    Often used with regards to wines that don’t need any food but can be enjoyed on their own. But a sherry isn’t quaffable, because it’s too rich and intense – you sip at small amounts of it. A quaffable wine is poured freely.

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