My Soapbox Derby Car Race

Funny thing about starting a business…you can have the world’s greatest idea, but if you can’t get clients, or get people to “buy into” what you are selling…you just won’t succeed.

When I “opened for business”, I certainly didn’t expect my door to be knocked down, or my phone to start ringing off the hook. Little things took time.  Finalizing the business license, getting my business cards created and printed (it’s important that they create an impression of me and my professionalism), and getting the other necessary supplies I needed to successfully complete a tasting, once I had one booked.  I still have a few odds and ends to complete.

Now it’s March, and I still don’t have a solid booking.  I have tentative ones, but nothing solid.  Am I worried?  No…  Am I discouraged?  No, not really.  I feel like that kid who made this amazing soap box derby car with dad, and I’m at the starting line.  I haven’t gone anywhere, but once I get that initial push, nothing will be able to stop me.  I’ll gradually pick up speed, gaining through the course, passing those around me, and winding my way to the finish line.  Along the way, I’ll be invigorated by the wind whipping through my hair, and I’ll feel invincible because “my derby car is better than yours”!  All this to say, that once I get going on this, the dominoes will fall, and honestly?  I cannot wait for that to happen.  I have the tools, I have the knowledge, but most of all, I have the passion.

So until then…I’m sitting at the top of that hill. My gust of wind will blow by very soon…

soapboxCare to be that first wisp? Why not send me an email?

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