This thing called Life…

Isn’t it funny how the most brilliant ideas come to us either in the shower, or while we’re lying in bed, either trying to fall asleep or just waking up?  Yeah, last night I experienced that, and I just should have gotten up!  Shoulda, woulda, coulda….but I didn’t.  And now, this morning, I’m at a loss for words…

Fast forward a few days…I’ve barely been on my computer.  Checking email via phone and tablet, or from work.  Pathetic that I haven’t even had time to blog.  It’s funny how life just happens, and we have to make decisions, or choices rather, on how we deal or move on. Throughout all the life in the past week, I’ve been able to enjoy a few good bottles of wine, whether it’s been on my own, or sharing with others.  May I share them with you?

616011_Pedro-Pergolas-Crianza-TempranilloPergolas Crianza- with the required 6 months in barrel and 2 years in bottle, for about $11, this is a fabulous old vine Tempranillo!  Seriously, with this much care and attention (more for a Reserva and Gran Reserva), you know you’re getting a solid wine.  I love Spanish wine…truly. Great value and great flavours.  You can’t beat that!


Pavillon Arnaud Minervois– a great value little Languedoc, France wine.  A blend of Syrah, Grenache and maybe a few others, this is an easy-going wine that is pairable with food, but fantastic on its own also. If you enjoy over the span of a couple of days, put the leftovers in the fridge overnight, then take it out about 15 minutes before you plan to drink it.

Makro_Adega-ImagemG-VV_410_VinhoVerdeBrancoCasalGarcia-0Casalgarcia Vinho Verde– with visions of Spring and Summer and patios dancing in my head, I have enjoyed this Portugese white a few times lately with the hopes that the weather may warm up for me to actually enjoy this one outside. Slightly effervescent with its high acidity, it is full of citrus flavours!  Also a great deal at about $11 per bottle! My goal is to drink this while lounging on my lounger..if the snow will ever go away, that is.


Meiomi Pinot Noir– a combination of grapes sourced from Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma Counties, I love this Pinot Noir that’s only $24 from Costco.  It offers a wonderful spice filled aroma courtesy of Santa Barbara, beautiful dark berries from Sonoma and rich textures from Monterey! Enjoyable!

000000198Waterbrook Cabernet Sauvignon –  I had the chance to sample this on shift at the wine store this past week, and was pleasantly surprised!  From the Walla Walla valley in Washington State, this is not as “big” as the California Cabs, and doesn’t rip open your mouth with excessive tannins.  It has a great balance of both acid and tannin, and brings back memories (for me) of picking strawberries after a rain…they always have that slight dusty coating on them.  The “dusty strawberry” aroma! 

Have you opened a really good bottle lately?  I’d love to hear about it! I believe fabulous wines make for great stories!

On a side note, it’s April 13, 2013…and it’s (still) snowing…

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  1. Christie says:

    Great Post Marce

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