Comin’ at ya with the Garnacha!

Here’s to another GVW… (great value wine)

A bit of a disclaimer for my American readers:  What I consider a great value wine, I’m sure you all laugh.  Your GVW’s are like $4 wines that you can buy at Trader Joes or some other such tiny corner store or grocery story.  Unlike you, we are not allowed to sell liquor at every corner store, grocery store, mini-mart or whatever.  Ours must be in a seperate building with seperate walls. Period.

So when I say a GVW, for me, that’s usually for under 15 bucks on the shelf!

2013-04-16 22.15.14-1This 2009 El Fuego Garnacha not only has a cool, fiery label, (how’s that for a paradox?) it’s one of my favourite country’s wines.  From the Calatayud Region, this DOC wine is a great buy!  I love Spanish wine, and this one is no exception! By itself, or blended with the Monastrell, it has a nice acidity and lots of bursting red fruit with some earthiness around it.

Love the nose on this!  Lots of cherries, bacon and hints of spice.  It all continued on the palate with a medium acidity and balanced tannins. Throw in a little white pepper, and this became a little fuego for our fuego!  A great little wine for $14 and change!

(P.S. Last night was an absolute brilliant night for a fire, and a SECOND bottle of El Fuego was opened.  Mm, mm…a delicious little wine! Maybe a perfect wine for YOUR next backyard fuego!)

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