Honig..Need I say more?

Cab_men (1)

Honig’s postcard spoof on “Mad Men”..grapefriend? Are you watching? This one’s for you!

For those of you familiar with the Honig Family winery, you may know that they release a “postcard” every year, featuring the family members as well as the staff that operate and run the vineyard.  Let me say one thing:  I am THRILLED that they have some fun with this!  It goes to show that they don’t need to take themselves too seriously.  Now the wine on the other hand…IS serious!!

I have to be honest and say that I’m not a big Napa Valley Cabernet fan.  I’m not sure why all these wines have to be so “in your face bold”.  And because of that, I tend to shy away from them.  But, born out of a small barn in Rutherford Valley in Napa, came this little family vineyard, now run by the original owner’s grandson, Michael Honig.  Wow….I had the privilege of sampling the 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon when a wine rep poured it at the store’s Christmas open house.  It. Was. Fantastic. A little pricey on the shelf for us at $55, but well worth the money.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast week, as I was doing my weekly schlepping and shelving of product, what do I see but the 2012 Honig Sauvignon Blanc.  Yeah…..I bought it.

What a beautiful bottle with a picture of the vineyard that you can see through the bottle!  Slight effervescence when I first poured it, but when I tasted it, the acidity was not overwhelming at all!  Beautiful nose of honeysuckle and mango and pineapple, and hints of floral, and oh!  What’s this?  A creaminess on the finish?  How can this be on a Sauvignon Blanc?  It was curiously Chardonnay-ish in the mouthfeel and finish. After careful research, I discover that there is both Semillon (3.2%) and Muscat (0.6%) in it!  That’s where my round mouth feel comes from and that’s where all those extra aromatics come from! (Yes, 0.6% can do that if it’s an aromatic…) AND, I discovered that half was also aged on the lees for six months in stainless steel.  The other half underwent malolactic fermentation in oak barrels for six months.  Aha!!  Creamy butter and a dash of coconut!  Perhaps my NEW favourite Sauvignon Blanc!  WORTH the $30 on the shelf (much less for my American readers I’m sure, AND less for me too!) Three cheers for Honig, Napa Valley, CA and their (not so) little boutique wines! Somebody bring me back a Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc please?

Kristen Belair….you’re a genius…(AND a rock star!)


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