Hmm…yeah…Petrus.  A name synonymous with quality and distinction. Oh yes, and money….Personally, I’ve never tried a Petrus, although I’d have to say it’s definitely on my bucket list.

SAMSUNGLooks good doesn’t it?  Yes, I’ve touched this bottle. Quite often actually!  And yes, that price is correct.  But a 1983?  It’s 30 years old, and potentially, rich man’s vinegar.  Past its prime according to all the charts out there.  And the price?  Yup, you read that right.  $2800…and our store has TWELVE bottles.  Do the math…care to buy one? (or two…or more!)SAMSUNG

Funny little thing, this Petrus – this tiny little vineyard in Pomerol on the right bank of Bordeaux, France.  These wines are relatively scarce, therefore the price is high, and this is one of the finest on the market to be sure.  The vineyard itself is planted with 95% Merlot, as very little Cabernet Sauvignon is grown in Pomerol. Therefore this right bank Bordeaux has likely the same amount of Merlot in the bottle.  This tends to make the wines softer and fruitier.  And did you know….that it takes Chateau Petrus ONE YEAR to make as much wine as Gallo does in six minutes?   Hmmm…..SAMSUNG

Rich Man’s Vinegar or not, I’d give my right arm to be able to try one of these! Looks like we won’t be running out anytime soon…


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