The Wine Chronicles – Part 1

I was pretty excited to get in my car yesterday, to make the journey out to Vancouver, BC, for the WSET Level 3 course.  Given that my dog woke me up at 3 am the morning before, I was a little concerned my weariness might get the best of me before I actually arrived!  I think my excitement outweighed my weariness and here I am! 

The trip out here is always beautiful…mountains, valleys, lakes, fast moving rivers, and this time; 3 herds of mountain sheep, caribou, and even a mama grizzly bear (she may have been a brown bear, but quite frankly, I wasn’t getting any closer to take a good look!) When I get to Kamloops, BC (look it up on a map, folks!) I know I’m on the home stretch!

Funny how the mind works….I go through a valley, and wonder if there is grapes growing on it!  Or could there be grapes growing on it? All that to say…I’ve got my grape on now, and other than the occasional “field” trip and visiting with my family (my brother and family, and my parents are out here!), my nose will be in the books, and even better…in the glass!

Here’s to success..and a grape-filled mind!

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