The Wine Chronicles – The Final Chapter

The wine has all been tasted…the i’s have been dotted, the t’s have been crossed, and all the little circles filled in with their appropriate letters with an HB Pencil…

It Was My ONLY Job

After over a month of study, the last 15 days of which, have been super intense, I’m now in an 8 week holding pattern.  I will wait with bated breath as my exam is couriered “across the pond” to be seen by not one, but several MW’s, who, because they don’t know me,  can mark objectively, without bias.  And I have been told that these gentlemen (perhaps even a lady or two) have NO sense of humour…so I kept all my tasting notes “exactly like they wanted”!  Not flowery, or super descriptive, but succinct, and to the point!  But that’s ok…because I learned how to taste just a little better.  I learned how to taste objectively, and I’ve increased my memory bank of wines.  To know that I could identify the wine in my glass even before I looked at the choices at the bottom of the page, THAT makes me know that I’m in the right business and doing the right thing.

That being said though, now that I’m back to “reality”, it’s been tougher than I thought. For three-quarters of my week, I push paper.  I don’t get to taste wine or evaluate it, or even see it really. I am however, getting business for Joy of Wine, and that is exciting!  The problem lies in when to make a transition, or if to make a transition.  There is a fine line between passion and stupidity!

But I will make some changes.  How, what, or when, I’m not sure yet, but they will happen.  Because it IS passion that drives one, and it drives me too.

But for now….I wait.  And tonight, I look forward to a 2007 Horizontal tasting of Chateauneuf-de-Pape, with, whom I’ve affectionately dubbed, my “Wine Buddies”.  James has collected these over the years, and graciously offered to open them for our palates to enjoy!  Can’t wait to get back on the wine train!

Erika, myself(Marcia), Dan, Harjeet (Chef) D'arci (missing - James)

Erika, myself(Marcia), Dan, Harjeet (Chef) D’arci (missing – James)

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