An Amazing Experience

Recently my business took a turn…, I didn’t score millions of dollars, but let me tell you, worth a million dollars..Meeting new business contacts, and some biodynamic, sustainable wine makers, I’ve come away more, as my girlfriend Veronica would say…”juiced” than ever!  All of the wine in this portfolio I recently had the opportunity to review,  is not only grown on the site(s), but made there as well.  And with great care and attention I might add!

Sunday night, I had the opportunity to meet two wine makers:  Andreas Bender from the Mosel in Germany, and Camilla Rossi Chauvenet from Veneto (Valpolicella).  They are brilliant, educated, and passionate about their craft.  But they are also humble…

We started off with Andreas’ Sekt, light and refreshing, but opportunities (meaning wine bottles!) were everywhere, to try the dry Riesling, the semi-dry Riesling, the Weissburgunder(Pinot Blanc), even a Pinot Noir! (totally stoked to try a Pinot Noir from Germany) and the piece de resistance….the Auslese…..never had one before, and let me tell you….outstanding! And Camilla’s “baby” Valpolicella (the Valpolicella Superiore) and the Amarone?  I have no words…quintessential flavours…full of spice and leather.  Absolutely amazing wines…

I’m sure you’re wondering why there are no pictures…well, I think I was just too stunned to take them!  But believe me, I was there, and I tried them!! I brought home Andreas’ pamphlet…which is all in German by the way.  But he assured me…”just send me an email, and I’ll send it to you in English!”.  For me, it’s like meeting a rock star…


There is no greater education than talking the ear off of an experienced winemaker, both of whom have welcomed me to come and tour their vineyard(s) and wineries, me telling both of them to “put me to work”.  There would be no greater pleasure, than for me to “get my hands dirty” in the long hour days of grape selection, harvest, vinification, ageing, and packaging.  Seriously…in a heartbeat, I would be there!  And indeed, in the next couple of years, I will be.  You can count on it.

All of this, was because I put my name out there to do some wine tastings at a little bistro called Glasshouse, in a beautiful greenhouse/boutique facility called the ENJOY Centre.  I was then introduced to an importer, who read my proposal, already sold wines to the bistro, and was interested to perhaps work with me.  And THEN….he invited me to dine with him and his family, other friends, and the wine makers.  Unbelievable…

Livin’ the dream….Eberhard Tamm IS Enotri.  A Brand, a Passion, a Way of Life.  I am a better educator for having met him.  Thank you Eberhard….for including Lyndsey and myself in your dinner.  I am forever grateful…

I got to taste the wine makers wines, as well as others, and already, I’m impressed with the selection of wines, and I will offer them (and others, of course)  in monthly wine tastings at the Centre.  Yes, MONTHLY wine tastings….guaranteed.  Call it karma, or fate…I don’t care what you call it.  I prefer to call it Divine Intervention.  God has His hand on me, and He wants me to succeed. THAT I know.

So here’s to success…and educating people on the value of biodynamic, sustainable wineries, wines, and wine makers.  Cheers!

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