The Beauty of Wine

1Let me be clear:  I don’t agree with drunkenness.  I do not condone it, nor do I encourage it.  It’s all about moderation, and my teaching is appreciation and knowledge of what is in your glass…not so much how it makes you feel.  Yes, you will feel REALLY great when you’ve bought a great value wine that tastes like it’s a $100 bottle of wine, but that’s the point now isn’t it?  Not to get drunk on that $40 bottle… I hope those of you that taste the wine and appreciate its value will share it with someone, or many that you love.  That they too will appreciate and understand what you do when smelling and tasting this wine.

I read something really cool the other day:  Again, let me be clear: I’m not here to offend anyone.  I respect everyone’s belief systems and I do not judge them for it.  But this is what I believe. I believe that wine was created for our enjoyment, but to be enjoyed responsibly.  Jesus changed water into wine at a wedding in Cana, and it is written, that the best was saved for last.  Which is contrary to how it worked in those days:  The BEST wine was always served first when everyone was still sober enough to enjoy it!  The swill was brought out later, when everyone was just too drunk to care, or notice that it was just that:  swill!  This was Jesus’ first miracle, his inaugural entry into His ministry:  changing water into wine. His first of many, and he chose wine to be a part of it!   I have a GREAT deal of respect and love for this man…because He GOT it.  He GOT that wine was to served at a wedding, and that wine made people happy!

This is what I read:

“Wine is one of God’s gift to the human race.  It eases stress and brings a smile–Psalm 104:15 says that it “gladdens the heart of man”(women seem to like it too. ;)).  Jesus created 120 gallons of it to bless a wedding reception and even chose it as part of His holy meal of love and forgiveness”

Ok…whether you believe or not…this is FREAKING COOL!!!  It makes me feel like my passion is NOT displaced, that I AM doing what I’m meant to be doing and that I CAN educate and make people EXCITED about wine!! (Check out my post) Seriously….this is the most awesome thing ever!!

Aren’t you just a little curious?  If you are…here’s where you can read the story of this wine miracle!

Hee hee!!!

Hee hee!!!

Cheers my friends!

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