Wine Geek

I’m a wine geek….yes, I freely admit that I…AM a wine geek!

I never seriously thought about it until my instructor mentioned it during our 6 day “die-hard” level 3 WSET training.  She informed us that only “wine geeks” would take this super intense training, making our palates work overtime for a full 8 hours!

On the flip side, I learned how to REALLY taste. I know you’re dying to understand what I mean by this, but you’re just gonna have to wait….that’s for another post!

So what constitutes a wine geek?  Constantly reading about it, studying labels, tasting as much as one can, writing about it?  You tell me….in fact, I welcome any comments on the definition of a wine geek.  And if you are one, I applaud you!


James takes pictures of labels just like I do…yeah…he’s a geek! (But in a good way!)

I get to be even MORE of a wine geek as I continue on with Joy of Wine. Probably un-surprising to everyone but me, (sometimes others believe in me more than I believe in myself) this business is gaining ground and success is starting to follow me. I will embrace this, and I will continue to look for it.  I am currently making some positive changes in my “day job” to make this happen.  I’ve always said there’s a fine line between passion and stupidity, and I dare say I may have put my big toe on that line, just to test that theory.

Above instructor came this past weekend to teach the Level 1 course, and I got to pour for her!  Such a simple thing, yet I was so excited!  It’s the beginning of my “Fine Vintage Instructor Training”!  Yes, you heard it correctly…I want to instruct.  I want to “regurgitate” this stuff over and over and over and over again to fuel others passion in the wine bizz!  When one is passionate about something, all they want to do is talk about it!  And that’s me!!  The more I can talk about it, and share it, the more satisfaction I feel!  My heart is full and I am fulfilled….


Notice the geeky shirt! And my buddy Harjeet is a food geek too! He’s a chef!

And who better to share your geekiness with, than with some great geeky wine friends! Cheers fellow Wine Geeks!!!

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1 Response to Wine Geek

  1. Wine Geek James says:

    I resemble that remark!! Cheers, Geek James59
    ps. you should see some of the wine labels I’ve photographed over the last 3 weeks in Italy… and I’ve discovered a new version of a wine to be passionate about: the Barolo Chinato!! Love at first taste. See you soon…

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