My Own Backyard

There’s nothing like taking a vacation…getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city; this ratrace we call “life”.  For 10 days, I no longer have to navigate the streets of the city on my bicycle, answer any phones, fund any mortgages, schlep multiple cases of wine off pallets, or sell any wine.  Am I looking forward to this?  Absolutely.  I need this vacation. 


And along with the über amounts of relaxing, sitting in the sun on the beach, enjoying  morning coffee on the deck of our rented cabin, reading LOTS of novels while enjoying a glass or two of my fave wines, I get to visit a few wineries and vineyards in my own “backyard”!  It’s about time really.  The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is awash with vineyards and wineries, and the microclimates are truly unique in this area.  And maybe, just maybe, I can align myself in such a way that a job might even be in my future!

I’ll see the big commercial wineries in West Kelowna like Mission Hill and Quail’s Gate, but also the small boutique ones, like Little Straw, Mt Boucherie, and further south, in the Naramata Bench, La Frenz, Kettle Valley, Therapy, Ruby Blues and Laughingstock…just to name a few!  My mom’s cousin works at Lake Breeze in the tasting room, so maybe I’ll even get a private tour there!  At any rate, I’m excited to see (at least a part) of this vast backyard of ours, to experience tasting some home-grown wines, and to perhaps “talk shop” with vineyard/winery owners alike!  And then, I’ll tell you all about it! 

Stay tuned….

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