A New Year

Most businesses operate on a “fiscal year”, which could mean any month becomes the new year.   For the rest of us, we just look at the calendar and know that New Years occurs on January 1!  With September 1 a mere 2 days away, for me it is my new year.  With my kids going back to school for a “new” year in school it often becomes a time of reflection, and often…change for me.

This year is no different.  I’ve been struggling to find some inspiration as of late, and my husband reminded me last night of how far I’d come in the last year.  It is a reminder to me that we almost always, never give ourselves enough credit for things accomplished.  As humans, we tend to look at the things we DIDN’T do, as opposed to that which we DID do, right? And the following list is not meant to be a big pat on the back for me, but rather a gentle reminder of all that was accomplished, and given that, okay to stop for a moment, and just breathe…

– Completed Level 2, ISG- September, 2012
– Founded Joy of Wine – January, 2013
– Became a Certified Wine Steward – January, 2013
– Built http://www.joyofwine.org – February, 2013
– First home tasting for Joy of Wine – March, 2013
– Traveled to Vancouver, BC to take WSET, Level 3- May, 2013
– First wine tasting combined with restaurant Glasshouse Bistro – July, 2013
– Toured the Naramata Bench Wineries – August, 2013
– Completed a year at Fine Wines by Liquor Select Retail Store – August, 2013
– Passed WSET Level 3 to become Certified in Wines & Spirits- August, 2013

Last year at this time, I hadn’t even completed Level 2!  So, really, I’ve come a long way when it comes to the education part of this wine journey.  But, with that being said, WSET Level 4 will be a major accomplishment and the beginning of the next stage of where I want to go.  In the meantime, more reading, more blogging, more tasting,  fine-tuning Joy of Wine to make it a profitable business, and perhaps a bit of wine region touring!  Stay tuned!  You never know what’s gonna happen next!  Cheers!

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