The Sleeping Giant

We often hear this term in passing, but really, what does it mean?  It always has me curious and when I think of the term, I start to see giants in my head! When one thinks of a giant, do we think of The Friendly Giant that we used to watch as kids? (C’mon, you know who you are, and it’s ok to admit that you watched Friendly Giant!) Goliath the giant Philistine from Biblical times, that little David defeated with only a stone from his slingshot? What about the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk?  Or perhaps from a more modern tale, like the giant played by Jorge Garcia in the TV series Once Upon a Time? Are all giants bad?  Can’t some of them be good?  In fact, if you watch the Disney version of Jack and the Beanstalk (played by none other than Mickey Mouse), we find that the giant is just a big marshmallow, and clearly misunderstood.  He wants to be nice, but perhaps doesn’t know how?  But, in any case, when a giant sleeps, there is peace, and really…not very much excitement.  However, when the giant awakens…things begin to happen, and you’d better be afraid….be VERY afraid!

 Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!!!  The earth shakes, you crane your neck upwards…this giant is walking around and you’d better watch out, because he means business!! His shadow is overwhelming, and every step he takes commands attention.  So, will you stop and PAY attention?

So now you’re asking….what IS she referring to here?

I was reminded of something by a friend this morning that caused a great deal of contemplation…  He told me that I had a “powerful service that is a ‘sleeping giant’ for executives and corporations.”  For me, not only was that great to hear for affirmation purposes, but it served as a reference point for the business I am in.  And that’s wine, and wine education. I love wine, and I love talking to others about wine!  I want my passion for wine to be immediately known to those I am speaking to! So not only am I a ‘sleeping giant’, but I think about all the great wines out there that are also essentially, sleeping giants! How many wines out there are just waiting to be uncorked, swirled, sniffed and sipped?  Hidden gems that want so badly for us to notice them, but also the dusty, cobweb covered jewels that are in our cellars waiting for the right time to make their appearance and make us swoon with their complexity, silky tannins, and a finish that we dream about for days afterwards…

I’ve had the former, and I’ll wait my lifetime for the latter if I have to…

THIS sleeping giant will rise, and along with it, some smaller sleeping giants…that will take on the form of a wine bottle, and the juice of crushed grapes inside of it. Cheers, and may all your ‘Sleeping Giants’ arise!


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