Christmas Turkey Wine!

I found my turkey wine!

For those of you that celebrate Christmas and often wonder what to “pair” with the Christmas turkey, look no further!

Typically for turkey, we look to rosés or lighter reds with some spicy notes to it.  This year, I’ll be cracking open the Famille Bougrier Chenin Blanc from Vouvray. Vouvray is located in the Central Vineyards in the Loire Valley, and where some of the best Chenin Blanc is grown.  And what I love about this grape, is its diversity…bubbly, dessert, still…this grape can do it all!  And I’ve had a chance to sample this Loire Valley grape in all its fine forms, and it has not disappointed!

SAMSUNGJuicy and fresh, there’s lovely apples, floral notes and nutmeg on the nose that leads to more baking spices and a fresh acidity in your mouth, that would complement your turkey in the best way! And for only $18 on the shelf, you can buy enough bottles for all the wine drinkers at your table!  I know I’m bringing two to my turkey table! You and your guests would NOT be disappointed with this wine!

Happy, happy Christmas, and all the best in this Holiday Season.  Cheers!

P.S. Me thinks this would go great with ham too! 😉

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