Superhero Wine~Here to Save the Day! (Part II)

In this next installment of superhero wine, it’s the ladies’ turn…sorry guys, it’s not about you this time, but the smart, sexy, strong superhero ladies!  And it’s also time to turn to the Marvel camp, so I hope you enjoy this segment of perhaps someone totally unexpected – Spider Woman!  Yes, we’ve all heard of Spider MAN, and yes, there have been more than one Spider females, but I’m going with the original here – Jessica Drew.

spider_woman_jessica_drewJessica Drew as the original Spider Woman,  possesses super human strength, speed and agility.  She is able to adhere to any surface, spider-like, thanks to secretions from the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet.  She can also generate jolting bioelectric stings of varying intensity.  Jessica gives off unique pheremones that repulse other women, yet attract men. Apparently, she had a romantic entaglement with Tony Stark (Iron Man), so not sure if that was mutual, or her “phunky” pheremones. Personally, Jessica is my favourite of the Spider Women, and I think she is pretty kick-ass!  And, as an adventurer and private investigator, along with being a fully sanctioned agent of SWORD, she needs some downtime! So what would Jessica drink in her downtime?  Well, since she is reported to have a British accent, like any good Brit, her downtime drink would include a Port…and since she lay in a chamber for decades after her father injected her with the spider venom, Jessica knows what it’s like to be “aged”.

Barao-de-VilarSo…I would think she has a particular fondness for a well made Port.  Vintage ports would be nice, but because they’re aging in the bottle, once they are opened, you pretty much have to consume them  in a couple of days.  Because Jessica is often gone saving the day as a member of SWORD, this is not an option…the Colheita Ports or Tawny Ports are already aged before they are bottled, so once it’s opened, a couple of months could go by and they are still tasting great! (gotta love that oxidation!).  The Barao de Vilar 20 year old Tawny would be a fantastic choice!  Super smooth and overflowing with aromas and flavours, this is a Port to be sipped and savoured! Créme Caramel, toasted pecans, brown sugar, butterscotch, raisins, figs…are just a few of the things coming out of this glass of Port.

This girl needs some serious downtime!!  And what a great way to HAVE that down time!!  Sit in a comfy chair with a nice glass of Port…you go girl!

to be continued….


Oh yeah….Kick some ass Jessica!!

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1 Response to Superhero Wine~Here to Save the Day! (Part II)

  1. Porfirio says:

    Appreciate the recommendation. Lett me try it out.

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