True Devotion


As I was reading the one of the Drunken Cyclist’s posts, I too was reminded of how much my writing has changed sinced I started this whole blog adventure.  And while I don’t claim to be an incredible writer, it has certainly come a long way.  And I can tell you this:  I LOVE to write, and when you don’t get too bogged down on the details and wine jargon, it comes a little easier…at least for me.  Inspiration comes through the oddest thing sometimes, and when it hits, you gotta run with it! So…I’m jumping in with both feet to the Mystery Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC7) , and with SAHMellier’s topic, I was hit with a giant burst of it, so onward with the writing!

The topic for this challenge is Devotion…hmm ONJ?  I work in a world of acronyms (my other job is at a bank :)) so I  just chuckled when I saw this!  Valentine’s Day is coming up, but has never been something I get stressed over..whatever happens, happens.  I don’t expect chocolate, or roses, or even wine (although it’s always nice to share a glass or two with my Love).  But this post is about Love and devotion…to one man. 

I’m sure most of us who have any sort of wine geekiness in us have seen every wine related movie that has EVER come out.  I’m no exception.  In fact, I have my very own copy of Bottleshock. It was fun listening to the dialogue, hearing wine terms being used and knowing what they meant! And after the Judgement of Paris, I was very curious to see what the fuss was all about.  How much did a bottle of Chateau Montelena Chardonnay cost today anyway?  And what vintage was being sold? How good was it really? 

My husband, being the awesome guy that he is, went out and bought a bottle and learned from the resident Sommelier in the store, that Cambenzola cheese was the best pairing for this wine.  So, being a good listener, he went and bought the cheese to go with.  What I didn’t realize at the time, was that this bottle was $60!  A couple of years ago, before my palate became seriously educated in wine, spending that much on ONE bottle seemed extravagant, so I figured I’d better handle this with kid gloves!

But the REASON for the purchase and for us sharing this wine was what stood out…it was a celebration of sorts for us.  A “new beginning” if you will.  We had just charted some unpleasant waters in our marriage and slowly things were turning around.  Forgiveness and devotion were demonstrated by my husband and this was the beginning of a new path for me and for us.  And a somewhat famous Chardonnay was a part of that!  My only thought at the time was this:  Yum…

A well-made Chardonnay to be sure. 

And in case you don’t already know, I live in Canada.  We can’t sell wine at our local grocery store, or Wal-Mart; Trader Joe’s doesn’t exist, and you can’t pop in at the corner store for a quick bottle of wine.  It just doesn’t work like that.  Separate walls and all that, and if the walls are adjoined, so many meters inbetween, blah, blah, blah.  It’s all regulated by the government and there’s LOTS of rules!  With that said, we have boutique wine stores, but we also have the big “box” wine stores too.  Like Superstore… Superstore is Canadian and offers discount groceries, fuel,  and in a seperate bulding, you guessed it…a liquorstore!  It’s hit and miss with what they actually have…like the “cheap” jug wines, but also, if you look hard enough, you might find some “higher end” wines or “hidden gems”.  A couple of months ago on one of my (many) trips to the Great Canadian Superstore (like Ketchup chips, Shreddies cereal and Sour Cherry Blasters candy, it’s truly Canadian!)  lo and behold, I came across….you guessed it, Chateau Montelena.   Seriously?  For $42?  That’s like, EIGHTEEN dollars cheaper than at that other wine store (or any OTHER store for that matter!)  Did I buy it?  Heck YEAH!  Because like our sense of smell, it’s amazing what emotions or memories a certain bottle of wine might evoke.  Still to this day, I will always look at a bottle of Chateau Montelena as a wine that reminds me of “starting over” or “looking ahead”.  Beautifully oaked with vanilla and buttered popcorn, I will drink this wine with thoughts towards the future and how much fun we can have together, me touring wineries and vineyards and he being my DD!  Haaha!! No really…that’s just what he does…it’s part of his devotion towards me. 

20140207_180344The bottle is sitting in my rack…waiting for a perfect time to open it.  We’ll know when that is!  And it will be sipped, savoured and enjoyed in the BEST of company with nothing but thoughts towards the future!

Cheers!  Here’s to true devotion and true love!

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7 Responses to True Devotion

  1. A bottle of wine well earned.

  2. SAHMmelier says:

    Love it. Maybe one day you can go to the winery together! That is a great way to celebrate. Cheers to forgiveness and devotion.

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  4. Sally says:

    This must have been a hard post to write in a lot of ways but with good memories.

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