All the Blessings in the World

For this months Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC#8), the theme Luck was picked by the lovely Miss Sweet Sommelier. You’re probably wondering about the title of this blog…don’t worry, I’ll get to that.  For the moment, just read on…

wine-stain1-3What do I think about when I hear this word?  There’s  Lucky DuckThe Luck of the Irish, The Luck of the Draw, “This is good Luck”, A Stroke of LuckFeeling Lucky?…just to name a few.  We’ve all heard them, and we’ve all probably used them at some point in our vocabularies and conversations.  I know I have.  I remember as a kid, when some childhood friends of ours (with whom we spent many Christmases) received the Commodore 64 computer system as a Christmas gift!  “Aww, you lucky ducks!”…was what I found myself muttering back then.  (It was a big deal…trust me!) Lucky pennies, lucky rabbits foot key chains, lucky this, lucky that.  It seems we all have something “lucky” in our possession.  So what does Webster have to say about Luck?


: the things that happen to a person because of chance : the accidental way things happen without being planned

: good fortune : good luck

: success in doing or getting something

Four_Leaf_Clover_03That sounds FANTASTIC!!  Who wouldn’t want any part of that in their life?  We find a 20 dollar bill in the parking lot, and we count ourselves lucky. (Heck, even a 5 dollar bill in a coat we haven’t worn in forever is a massive find isn’t it?!) We avoid an accident on the freeway and count ourselves lucky.  We manage to get to the front of the line at the government office just before it closes to renew our passport, and we got lucky.  We got the LAST parking spot at the amusement park and man…we were SOoooo lucky!

As I read your blog postings of my faithful followers, my fellow wine writers; those who are educated as I am (and even more so!), and those that do it simply because they love wine and love to write about it, I am in awe of all of you.  Obviously, you do this because you are passionate about it…whether it’s the tasting, the writing, or (let’s be honest) just the drinking of the wine that gets you all gooey inside!  Some of you that do this, it’s your full-time job!  You’re being sent samples of wine to taste and analyze, and ultimately blog about, you’re getting together with friends to taste and discover, or (gasp) you’re even being paid to WRITE a blog!  THAT, my friends…is freaking AWESOME!  Would some say you are lucky?  Probably.  But you know what I would say?  That you are blessed.  Yup…that’s the word I’d use.  Nothing wrong with using luck.  In fact, if you do, carry on, but I prefer this word.

I love this definition from Webster:   Bless – to provide (a person, place, etc.) with something good or desirable(emphasis from the dictionary).

Good or desirable…Wine is good. Any way you slice it, it’s good.  It really is.  I’m currently reading a book about the chemistry of wine and the actual making of it.  It’s quite fascinating, as he’s also talking about the medicinal benefits of wine along with the components of wine. (whites, reds, rosés, etc.) I agree wholeheartedly on everything and even wrote a posting myself on the subject.   However, I digress….

With all that said, one might think I’m jealous of others successes.  Quite the contrary.  Where I live, it’s a bit of a cutthroat industry.  There’s a lot of “I don’t like this person, or I don’t like that person”, simply because they breathe. But I’ve chosen differently…I’ve chosen to get along with everyone.  I may not necessarily like them as a person, but I choose to speak to them, and/or deal with them in a manner that is polite, respect their opinions, and respect them as an individual.  We all like different wines for different reasons.  And that’s O-K. It’s always been okay, and it always WILL be okay. Someday, I’ll do this gig all day, everyday, full-time and be totally immersed in it.  I will.


Joy of Wine Mission Statement

I am blessed to be where I am in life.  I am blessed to have 15 bottles of wine in my rack and my fridge combined.  I am blessed that I have a good palate.  I am blessed that I’ve been able to get a great education thus far and am now able to move on to the next level of wine education.  I have been blessed with a passion for wine that I LOVE to share with others.  I am blessed that I have a husband that is so supportive in my endeavours. I am blessed that I have two fantastic daughters that love me for me, no matter what I choose to do in life.  I am blessed that my parents, with whom never so much as touched a drop of wine while I was growing up (nor was it ever in my childhood home) support what I do and even to a point, advocate it.  I am blessed that my writing skills are better than the average bear.  I am blessed that I have a group of friends with whom I can taste good wine with and talk about it intelligently.

So my fellow wine writers…I was lucky to have found you; to be able to read your fantastic writings and musings on wine and life.  You are lucky to be where you are in life, lucky to be what you are doing, lucky to have stellar people in your lives.  But yes…you are also blessed.  Embrace that!  And I wish you ALL…the blessings in the world!  Cheers!

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6 Responses to All the Blessings in the World

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  4. Sally says:

    Counting your blessings… with wine….. lucky indeed.

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