The Beach House

Have you ever come back from a totally awesome vacation and things are just weird? Like, out of sorts weird. Yeah, well that’s me…I had Caribbean brain for a week, and I came back to “reality” to discover that I couldn’t remember how to do a few simple things at either of my jobs…Yikes!  Never a good thing.  Every great vacation comes to an end, and the older I get, the harder it is for me to manage the whole “reality” thing, along with the never-ending adjustment to living in a cold climate.  But in a few years, that will all change…at least, that’s the plan! 🙂

The good news is, I think Spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods, and with it the thought of breaking out all those yummy patio wines!  I’m one of those peeps that enjoys red in the winter and white in the summer.  Not to say that I don’t enjoy a great red with my barbecue, but if I’m laying in my hammock,  enjoying the sun, or sitting in my anti-gravity chair with a good book, white it is!

One of my favourite, inexpensive white wines is The Beach House.  I started drinking this in 2011 when my Brother-in-law brought over a bottle.  As I was becoming more interested in wine, I liked it.  Probably only because it had the word “beach” on it!  And now that my palate is a little more “educated”, I still like it.  I know for a fact that the label STILL has me wrapped around its little finger.

BeachhouseThe description is simple:  A Sauvignon Blanc (with 20% Semillon added in for some fullness and body) from Wellington, in the Western Cape of South Africa (this is the 2013 vintage) it has a beautiful medium lemon colour and smells richly of lemongrass and green apples.  Very aromatic!  High acidity with lemongrass and gooseberries in the mouth.  Pucker perfect this wine is!  Looooovvveee it!  I especially enjoy it with a great meal of Peanut Butter Chicken! A bit of a creation by my husband, it’s Chicken sautéed in coconut oil, Thai spices, brown sugar and peanut butter!  Throw over a bed of rice with some spinach leaves mixed with yellow peppers, cucumbers and strawberries, it’s a meal I could have every day in the summer!

Everytime I drink this wine, I imagine being on the beach, because in reality, that’s where I plan to be when I no longer have to do this thing called work.

The label on the back says this:  This is a stunning, fresh and delicious white wine perfect for sitting out in the sun, on the porch, or even better…on the beach. Truer words have never been spoken.

I ordered a case…


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  1. SAHMmelier says:

    I’ll have to look for it. Welcome back?

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