Superhero Wine – Here to Save the Day! (Part IV)

Like Captain America, Wonder Woman was also famous and inspiring heroes during World War II.  Wonder Woman is Warrior Princess of the Amazons, known as Princess Diana of Themyscira, the fictitious island that is her home.  (In the TV series, we know it as Paradise Island) Upon coming to the United States, she became known as her alter ego, Diana Prince.

3795486-3602822614-wondeWhen I was kid, there was no better show on TV than Wonder Woman, and we all know who played her:  Lynda Carter.  For 5 years, I was enraptured by the whole spin thing, and unlike Batman, with several actors playing the role, there have been issues with finding the actress with the right fit for Wonder Woman.  Since Ms. Carter, no one has quite been able to fulfill the role of the Amazonian princess.  There wasn’t anything Wonder Woman couldn’t do.  She has the cuffs that deflect bullets, her tiara is a projectile, and heaven help you if you got tied up with her lasso, because it made you tell the truth…no matter what! She has superior combat and battle skills, and if she arrives in her invisible plane, that is even cooler. Wonder Woman -Lynda Carter

In my readings, I’ve discovered that a lovely Hebrew actress by the name of Gal Gadot is slated to play my fave super in the Man of Steel sequel slated for sometime in 2016.  Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see it!  If only to see if they’ve chosen the right lady for the job…someone who can do Wonder Woman justice!

In my musings of what possible wines Ms. Prince would enjoy, I came to the conclusion that she is an islander at heart.  And even though she doesn’t spend much time at “home”, she loves everything about islands…any islands really.  So that being said, wine made on an island would in all likelihood, be her favourites.

20140519_121956For a white, none other than Cloudy Bay, an iconic Sauvignon Blanc made in Marlborough, the South Island of New Zealand.  For all the thousands of NZ Sauvignon Blancs out there, this one is by far and away, my most favourite and a true classic.  Aromas and flavours of lime zest, elder flowers and that minerality we’ve all come to expect from a NZ Sauvignon Blanc.  Crisp and refreshing, it’s a stand out Sauvignon Blanc when Wonder Woman has finished beating the crap out of all those bad guys! 🙂

The other island Ms Prince perhaps may be fond of is Sicily, home of the native grape Nero D’Avola.  If Italy were to wind up and kick hard, it would be giving Sicily the boot! Located in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s best known for Mount Etna, the tallest, and one of the most active volcanoes in the world! It’s HOT here, and the grape loves this climate! Named after the small town Avola in south-east Sicily, this wine typically has notes of red cherries, plums and pepper spices!  After a busy day fighting crime, Princess Diana could put her feet up with a glass or two of this little ‘wonder’ grape.   There are lots of producers to choose from, ranging from $20/bottle to $60/bottle.

20140519_122042Super easy to drink, the Feudo Maccari bursts with red cherries and freshness because of its maceration in stainless steel.  At $20/bottle, Wonder Woman could very well use this as her “go-to” red wine!  She could just lasso a bottle for herself and it would never lie. Easy, and fruit forward, this wine has nothing to hide. On the higher end the Sedara by Donnafugata could be for those occasions where a slightly more complex bottle of Sicilian Nero D’Avola is required…Again, more red cherries and even some blackberries, but it’s the hint of spices underneath that gives this one a bit more complexity.  Again, that fresh minerality is also present due to the maceration in stainless steel.  No oak barrels for these wines! And guess what?  An islander like Wonder Woman also likes fish, and these Sicilian beauties would stand up nicely to a fish dishes such as baked tuna or halibut!  Around $30/bottle, it’s not too pretentious, but lovely enough for Diana Prince to share a bottle after hours with love interest Steve Trevor…hmm…

250px-WonderWomanV5You go girl!

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