The Next Chapter

Friday marked the last day that I pinned on my nametag for Scotiabank.  For almost 7 years, I made my daily trek to (in my bank career only two branches) the downtown core, fired up my computer, pulled out reports and files, checked the phone for messages, read emails and pinned on my nametag.  I don’t have to do that anymore.

It’s almost bittersweet…from the beginning, I knew that the bank was not where I’d end my days, or where I’d sing my swan song.  Nope, I’d always aspired to do something even greater. And although I’m ready to leave, I will miss those I’ve worked with over the years.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is 10 years older than me.  He commended me for having the courage to make a change and leave a job, that for all intents and purposes, was secure.  He stated that he likely could never do something like that.  Some might actually call me crazy for leaving something so “beneficial”.  Well, let’s be fair…I already have an eclectic background…why not add to it!  I’m a youngest born after all!  Change is in my genes!

20140831_185927So how does one celebrate one thing ending and something very new and exciting beginning?  With a bottle of wine of course!  I decided on a wine from my home and native land, and cracked open a bottle of Bench 1775 Cabernet Merlot…a 2011, already considered a “library” wine in the Okanagan!  Well made wine with them boasting that “we have good dirt” (and stunning views from this winery btw…I would encourage all to take a trek there should you have opportunity to do so).  I spent $12 MORE on this bottle than I did a year ago! That should tell you something! Layers of plums, spice and oak, it was a lovely way to say farewell to a great career in banking.

But after the glass of wine and the toast, I’ve moved on…already deep into the books, an extreme study schedule mapped out for myself, and with my new job only hours away, I can only look ahead to what I percieve, as a great future and a whole lot of learning! But in saying this, I could also get overwhelmed easily. Starting a new job, not knowing what to expect, and then starting school, which requires trips out of town, finding places to stay, and then figuring out how I’m going to get to the university, etc, etc, etc…ALL requires a thought process and for me, could potentially be overwhelming. So, my husband, in his infinite wisdom, reminded me to just take it ‘One Class at a Time’. Smart man….Yup, that’s it…Think about October’s class logisitics first, then leave the others alone.  They will come up soon enough!

I love people’s “Next Chapters”!  It’s exciting for me to know that others, like me, make goals and set out to achieve them!  If you have a “next chapter”, I would love to hear it! Cheers!

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  1. I’m in the midst of a next chapter as well. Blessing & luck to you! Cheers!

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