Pardon My Absence…

wine-stain1I love reading my fellow Wine Bloggers various posts!  Not only am I learning much from you, but I love the different writing styles!  Please keep writing!

For me, there is something about writing that is very cathartic.  When I get an idea for a post, it literally brands itself on my brain until I write it down (or in this case, type it).

Saturday embarks the beginning of WSET Level IV Diploma in Wines and Spirits.  I have been reading/studying since early August, and much more earnestly since about mid-September.  As of yesterday, I received my “membership number” to the WSET Global website which contains a wealth of information for me to refer to.  Most recently, I printed off the guides to both the “theory” and “tasting” components of the Level IV and the expectations that have been laid out.  To be truthful, some of it is indeed a bit daunting, but one step at a time and I’ll get there!

I’m sure you all also know that I’ve started this new adventure of managing a brand new wine store.  It is one of the most exciting things I’ve done to be sure!  And I’m expecting some LONG hours in the next couple of weeks in order to “set up the store” and stock the shelves.  But you know what?  I’m ok with all of this, because it only means I continue to follow the path that has been set out for me.

So that being said, as we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving on October 13, I may be a little absent and not posting as much, as I navigate the waters of a steady, busy career and a challenging, sometimes overwhelming study schedule.  However, if those blog ideas come to mind like a bolt of lightning and sear my brain, you will see me here!!   And hey…you never know…I may be so inclined to write (albeit briefly) about my experiences in the classroom and in the “virtual” classroom during the next 15 months of study!!  In the meantime, taste lots of wine, be discerning in your thoughts about them, spend time with like-minded people and most importantly…write on!!!  Cheers everyone!


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8 Responses to Pardon My Absence…

  1. foxress says:

    Good luck! We’re all rooting for you!

  2. frankstero says:

    Good luck with the Diploma! I’ve been trying to fit it into my life for several years, to no avail yet. I have been reading ahead in that time so if there are any topics you find tricky you can always give me (or other bloggers) a shout 😃

  3. Good luck! Keep the faith! Cheers

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