The Next Phase…

Bizz cardOh life is pretty exciting right now…full of mock exams, writing store policies, putting together inventory, meeting sales reps and tasting wine, going to trade shows and tasting even more wine, making lists of office supplies necessary for a new store, writing ad copy for magazines, meeting and interviewing potential hires…and on it goes!  And with a newly acquired license number, an order and delivery day, things are humming along!

To be honest, I’m thankful I’m only the manager, not the owner.  Frankly, his headaches seem mountains to my molehills!  Ok, so maybe we won’t have our doors open November 1…but it won’t be too many days after that!  An extra 50 bucks to place an order outside our designated day is a small price to pay to get those shelves stocked and get down to business!  The business of selling GREAT wines and educating our customers in the process!

So here’s some progress, with the next set of photos (hopefully) featuring a bright, classy, well-stocked OPEN wine store! Cheers!

Hicks 1

From front to back. That’s the beer cooler back there!

Hicks 2

Tiled steps leading to the upper area where the French and Italian wines will be housed.

Hicks 3

First Wine tasting at the store! Haha!!


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1 Response to The Next Phase…

  1. Lily Lau says:

    Wine tastings are so glamourous… they make you forget about exams and inventories, and even more if it’s a sunny day like its seems in the photo! 🙂

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