Decent Exposure

It’s always good to be noticed right?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be on CTV Morning News, aka Breakfast Television!  This opportunity came quite by accident!  But I’m thankful for that accident!

A friend of mine started this wonderful foundation called Hand Up Foundation.  It’s where scholarship, tools, and mentorship are given to College age students in developing countries to give them the University education they need and very much desire.  They then return to their cities, towns, villages in the countries they originate from to continue to work with their own people and mentor others coming behind them.  I think it’s a fantastic program.  Every year, Jordan puts on a grand fundraiser called Giving With Style – all about the spirit of Christmas, learning about this foundation and spending your hard-earned money very generously in support! This is by way of a silent auction and the purchase of other international items on display for purchase for the evening.  And I get to be a part of this by serving wine and doing a little food/wine pairings!

I love being part of this event, and along with Jordan promoting Giving With Style on CTV, I got to come along for the ride and do a little food/wine pairing on National Television!!  For those of you in the Edmonton area, if you missed the show, I’ve got it HERE..

And if you ARE around next Saturday, why don’t you take in this fabulous event?  Saturday, November 15, 2014, 7:30 at McElheran’s Furniture here in Edmonton!  I bet you’ll find something great for that hard-to-buy for loved one on your Christmas list!

Cheers everybody!

(One more time with feeling! )

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2 Responses to Decent Exposure

  1. Well done, Marcia. Looks like a great cause. Wishing you much success.

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