The Underrated Wines of Alsace – Just in Time for Christmas!

Alsace never gets a fair shake…

Where the heck is Alsace anyway?  Located in Northeastern France, it sometimes has an identity crisis…sometimes German and sometimes French.  You ask an Alsatian who they belong to and they simply answer:  “I am from Alsace” (insert French-German accent).  Same goes for the wine…no one really knows what it’s about, but if you get a chance to taste wines from this region, I might change your mind…especially around Turkey time!


Alsatian Gewurztraminer have a unique taste profile that is like none other. Bruised green apple, nutmeg and roses (think your grandmother’s rosewater eau de toilette!) seem to marry nicely with “the bird”. Of course, this is my opinion…food and wine pairing is purely subjective!

If you’re going to do a Gewurz right, do it Grand Cru Style!  Zinck Grand Cru Eichberg and Trimbach (both very good producers by the way…) are very good examples of the varietal. Grand Cru Eichberg is top of the line for Zinck.  The best parcels of land to produce the best grapes. And it shows for this wine!  I find cheaper Gewurztraminers from Alsace tend to get that “soapiness” as they warm.  Not so with the Grand Cru.  They hold their flavours in the glass at the proper serving temperature (try about 8C), and as the wine warms.  Even ageable!  You could cellar this Grand Cru for up to 10 years! Who knew?

Trimbach is no different!  Great spicy flavours in this dry wine you could even pair with your pumpkin pie dessert!  Yum!  For $36 and $32 respectively, you can spend an average dollar to get a fabulous wine to shine with your Christmas dinner turkey (or ham!)  Cheers!

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6 Responses to The Underrated Wines of Alsace – Just in Time for Christmas!

  1. Hmmm… Gewürztraminerrrrrr

  2. We are tentatively planning a trip to France this summer . . . with a couple of days in Alsace! I can’t wait!!

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