Time for a Little Pink?

20150318_180606Is it too early to start on the pink?  To start drinking and savouring rosé?  With the Vernal equinox only 2 days away, I say GO FOR IT!!

At the store I manage, we LOVE rosés! Today (Wednesday) is delivery day, and let me just say….I’ve went a little crazy on pink and  many different shades came into the store today! They’ll be stacked at the front, as on the shelves!   But not only from Provence, there is rosé from Portugal, Spain, Chile, Canada, Tavel (France), Italy and and still more to pink to come from Italy! Sparkling or still, high end or low end, there will likely to be something within your budget you will love and want to try!

20150318_180728And now to the Whispering Angel of Chateau D’Esclans….ahhh…can I tell you how excited I am to see this baby girl? Sold out in the entire province for vintage 2013, I made sure I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered six cases for the store.  (Which btw, may not even be enough…) And I got the middle sister too, stopping short of getting the other sisters! At $31.95, Whispering Angel, made mostly from Grenache, carries a little Cinsault and Rolle (also known as Vermentino in Italy) to finish off the blend.  Subtle aromas and flavours of strawberries and cream, the battonage totally gives this wine its long lasting flavour. Go for the middle sisters Chateau D’Esclans, Les Clans, or step it up to the big sister, the Garrus for a cool $128 retail. a super premium rosé with barrel ageing.  Check it out here. Definitely worth the wait for these rosés!

“In the Esclans Valley, angels whisper, if you drink this wine, you might hear them…If you visit us you might see them…” (poem on the back of Whispering Angel)

Take your time, and choose wisely (although you really can’t mess it up, they’re all brilliant! But it’s only March…so you have plenty of time to taste many of these expressions of rosé! Stay tuned for more posts!  Cheers!

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4 Responses to Time for a Little Pink?

  1. Duff's Wines says:

    You have just started my rose juices flowing. Early spring spells Tavel to me. I need to find some right now!

  2. I started on pinks this week too! I’m ready.

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