Goin’ to Italy!

VinitalyA week ago, I received the news that I was chosen to be one of the 50 Candidates selected to be in Verona, Italy, to take the Italian Wine Ambassador/Italian Wine Expert program through the VinItaly International Academy (VIA). To say that I am a little excited about this would be a gross understatement!  On the heels of my last Diploma exam (still don’t know the marks yet, and may find out while in Italy) I’m studying more, and again. But I don’t mind…it IS Italy after all, and I’m kinda enamored by Italian wine! Like….really enamored…

So, in 18 sleeps, I’ll fly to Verona for a week long intense course on Traditional and Native Italian grapes and wines and write an exam at the end of it. (eep!) Then after that, I get to participate in OperaWine, with some of Italy’s finest wines from 100 producers.  Rumour has it, Sting may even be there…(squealing like a little girl)

And if that is not enough, I’ll head to VinItaly from April 10-13 and from all accounts, be completely blown away by what I will see, hear, taste, feel and experience. The 50th edition of VinItaly no less! I seriously cannot wait to be completely inundated with wine (Italian wine no less) and blow my geeky grape count right outta the water!

But before that…I gotta study. Hoooooo boy…do I ever gotta study!  I received the syllabus from a fellow student and it’s intense, seriously intense. I’ve got my work cut out for me. The thing is, when you’re pushing 50, it’s a little harder to keep track of things in the old brain. Retention and new stuff is a little more difficult for sure! BUT, I press on. I’m not gonna let a little number stop me! I’ll be working my ass off in the next three weeks to pass the IWA level. I’m immersing myself in not only the cultivars we know and love, but other grape varieties such as Bombino Nero, Cagnulari, Magliocco, Capratone, Erbaluce, Ortrugo, Terrano and Tintilia.   But I’ll be learning from the best: Ian D’Agata, a walking, talking Italian Grape Variety Encyclopedia, who I’m sure will give us all the information we need to become true ambassadors of Italian wine!

I’m excited to post from Italy and also after I return, to let you all know of my journey and what I learned.  Cin Cin!

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12 Responses to Goin’ to Italy!

  1. Congrats! Try and have some fun, too!

  2. Awesome! Congrats! You will do great on the test then on to the fun!

  3. Fantastic!! Super excited for you . . . enjoy!!

  4. Congrats and good luck!

  5. Jacquie says:

    Super excited for you and can’t wait to read your posts from Italy!

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