Thirsty Thirty-Something Thursday #10 – Central Coast, USA

When choosing wines for Thirsty, I honestly try to play fair.  The three highest selling countries in my store are:  #1 – USA, #2- Italy and #3- France. And although I’d really only like to tell you about wines from the Old World, I need to play nice in the sandbox and also include those wines from New World countries also. That means Argentina, Chile, South Africa, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand also need a fair shake. Yes, I’ve featured Chile and NZ in Thirsty, but never the US.  And considering this is the country we sell the most of…well, let’s shake a leg.

Folks here in Alberta like big, bold, badass wines. Which as a generalization, is what many wines from Napa Valley, and other areas of California, are.  Loads of black fruits, vanilla oakiness and huge tannins. Again, that is a generalization.  No disrespect to California Cabernet lovers! Many producers are really trying to change that stereotype and move towards intricate complexities.

March 21The Hahn Family, is located in Monterey, in the Central Coast of California. It’s cooler down here, with ocean breezes from the Pacific keeping the grapes from ripening too fast, thus keeping the acidity levels balanced with the sugar levels.

Super dark in the glass, almost purple, the nose is very expressive with blackcherries, blackberries, and lovely spice notes of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, along with a sage-y herbal characteristic. The spice continues onto the palate with more of a sour cherry, and not over-oaked, but rather, subtle vanilla, smoke, and cigar box.  Yes, the alcohol is high at 14.8 %, but balanced and integrated with the tannins and acidity. Nice finish on this wine too! For a Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a great price! $36.95 for a well-made, tasty, “not-to-vanilla-y-in-your-face-tannins” wine! Cin Cin!

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3 Responses to Thirsty Thirty-Something Thursday #10 – Central Coast, USA

  1. When I saw the Smith & Hook bottle, I first thought that it was Hook & Ladder, one of our favorite local wineries in Santa Rosa. They don’t get a lot of distribution, but if you get a chance, give them a taste. Like the article, too!

  2. A solid wine for sure!

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