Thirsty Thirty-Something Thursday #20 – Toro, Spain

If I’m gonna drink Tempranillo, I’d rather have Toro. Seriously.

Tempranillo takes on many hats in Spain and in Toro, it’s called Tinto de Toro, and a Tempranillo taste of its own. There’s not a lot of Tinto de Toro’s I don’t like, and the Campo Allegre Toro is a great one! Technically, it’s only $29.95, but let’s not split hairs. For all intents and purposes, it’s $30, so fits into Thirsty, and I wanted to do a wine from Toro! (so there…)

Owned by Francois Lurton, the 5th generation of the Lurton family of Bordeaux, he owns property and produces wines not only in France, but in Chile, Argentina and Spain. Someone else saw the potential in this area and wanted to join forces in DO Toro for this fabulous wine. Just a little old consultant by the name of Michel Rolland…you might have heard of him? Using their knowledge of Bordeaux wine making, along with the terroir of Toro and the Tinto de Toro grape, a quality wine was created. Campo Eliseo, the big brother was created first, then in 2007, baby brother Campo Allegre was born, using the exact same attention to detail as the Eliseo. Lighter in style, the name Allegre (or Allegro as I know it) is a musical term meaning ” a quick lively tempo”. Musical pieces with Allegro as a tempo, were always my favourite to play!  So perhaps the idea for this wine was not to be so big and bold, but lively and fun! However, this wine can stand some age too, and here we are, already 7 years of age on this wine, and it’s drinking beautifully!

TiberioFantastic black fruit aromas and flavours of blackberry and black raspberry along with mushrooms, truffles, earth and hints of clove and cinnamon spice. Great acid and tannin structure and a long finish! I got my staff tasting this, so I’ve no doubt it will now be recommended highly to customers! Really a great wine at a great price! Olé

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