The Italian Aperitivo

Aperol Spritz

It’s my new favourite love! As I was walking around Verona, checking out the many sites, both archaeological and gastronomical, I couldn’t help but notice these bright orange cocktails many were holding in their hands. I had no idea what this vibrant orange concoction was! My friend who was accompanying me on this particular walk informed me that it was the Aperol Spritz…something Italians love and consume in copious amounts. I immediately knew I had to try one for myself!

A mix of 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part Club Soda served over ice, and garnished with half an orange wheel, it is easy to make, and far easier to consume! With it’s fizzy, sweet, yet bitter, (or is that bitter, yet sweet?) bursting with orange flavour, it’s a great, refreshing summer drink. Or anytime of year drink really! Great to drink by yourself, but even better with friends! Simple, flavourful…simply awesome! Cin Cin!

ArchivioSaid great friends, great location, great vibe, great drink! Salute to my first ever (when this photo was snapped) Aperol Spritz!


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7 Responses to The Italian Aperitivo

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  3. welcome to the wonderful world of spritz aperol!

  4. I had many of them on my last trip to Italy as well. They are wonderful!

  5. James59 says:

    Ahhhh yes, a favourite of mine since I “discovered” it in 2013 in Verona. And for a liquid taste of Italy, Bar Bricco on Jasper Ave in Edmonton makes an Aperol Spritz that would be a crowd pleaser anywhere in Italy. Or myself on my patio, but I’m not as good with making the orange rind wheel as the pros at Bar Bricco.

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