Canadian Julep – Canada Day Series

Yeg Women in Wine

Canadian Julep for Canada Day

This week we celebrate Canada’s 149th Birthday, at YWIW we are getting ready with a week-long series of some of our favorite made in Canada products.

A Mint Julep is most associated with the Southern States, made with American Whisky like Bourbon, and the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby, it brings to mind hot weather and large verandas.  We doing a twist, using Canadian Whisky and Gull Valley Apple Mint to create a very grown-up Slurpee (a classic summer beverage).

Canadian Julep

Hands up everyone who has pewter cups lying around?  Well, good on y’a; the rest of us grab some mason jars and put them in the freezer, several hours in advance is best.

2 oz Canadian Whisky, I’m fond of Pendleton’s (made in Alberta, shipped to the US to age and be bottled)

1 sprig Gull Valley* Apple Mint – 6 to…

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