Thirsty Thirty-Something Thursday #25 – Macon

Perhaps when one thinks of Burgundian wine, Macon is not the first place that comes to mind! No, we more often than not think of the Mersaults or Chassagnes or Pulignys of Montrachet. Or the rich, powerful, über expensive red wines of Vosne-Romanée made from Pinot Noir. But Macon offers great value and quality, most notably, for their Chardonnay. With a combination of both stainless and oak fermentation, it creates a nice balanced wine that is not too buttery, but not the austere high acid wines of Chablis either.

maconMacon La Roche Vineuse from the Olivier Merlin Domaine is one such wine. La Roche Vineuse is actually a town on the edge of the Mâconnais, bordering Beaujolais. Careful selection of grapes are hand picked and gently pressed where 85% will go into stainless steel for fermentation and the remaining 15% will go into oak barrels. Slight battonage to add body as well as natural malolactic fermentation takes place, all to add body and mouth feel to the wine.

Nice exotic fruits on this with that slight dairy component, but not overly oaked, with just hints of vanilla, which is part of what makes this Chardonnay so appealing. And on the palate that great minerality and acidity due to the clay-limestone soils! A great little drink! On the shelf for $31.95. Santé!

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  1. Love this blog! So informative! I’ve followed and hope you won’t mind a follow back for a fellow wine lover 😉

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