Livin’ the Dream…

I know…it’s been some time since I’ve been here, and I could give a thousand excuses, but I’m sure many reading would scoff, as most are just as busy as I am!

In sharing this post, I can say that as of today, I am finished all the components of my Level IV WSET Diploma. I handed in the re-write of my essay on Friday with confirmation that it had been received and all in order. The official due date is November 8, at which time it will be shipped to London to be marked. I hope to find out in early February if not before of my results. Unlike the first paper, I’m feeling better about this one, and after loads of edits and numerous sources, I think I have a paper worthy of  a pass! Let me tell you how much of a load off that is!

But that is not the end…with the essay off my plate, I resume my Italian grape studies. Oh yes, there’s that…in my quest to reach the next level of Italian Wine Expert, studying and review will be a constant until I (hopefully) return to Verona in April, 2017 to re-sit the course and of course, write the exam.

But BEFORE that, we finished year end inventory here at the store, I once again assisted in a WSET Level 2 class this past weekend, I speak at a Rotary Club today at noon, it’s the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival this weekend where I will have the pleasure of pouring the 1863 Taylor Fladgate Port, among other gems. (Deep breath). Then the following week, I pour again for a restaurant’s anniversary dinner, a corporate tasting in downtown Edmonton, another private tasting on the same night, and then gearing up for a tasting of Northern Italian wines. All of this before I fly to Venice on November 17 for another Collisioni Progetto Vino, this time to the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.


Cividale del Friuli – Courtesy of Flickr

One of my favourite Italian wine regions, I cannot wait to experience the culture, the landscape, and of course the wines.  An UNESCO world heritage site, the picturesque little town of Cividale del Friuli, on the Slovenian border will be our backdrop for this event, and I’m excited to once again, taste wines beside some fellow Italian Wine Ambassadors and perhaps 2-3 of the 4 Experts in the world.

Of course, for any wine store, we move into the ‘busy’ season, with evening soirées and parties on the horizon, along with our very own Christmas Open House, taking place on December 1. As busy as I am, I wouldn’t trade a thing. This is the moment, and the life that has been given to me, along with all the hard work to get me here. Livin’ the dream…

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