Got Wine? Need Storage?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the wine, once we get it all home, where the heck are we going to store it? Please, not in the cupboard above the refrigerator!  That is the worst place! The basement is the best place, or a room/cabinet that can be temperature controlled with no extreme temperature changes.


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Or, maybe you’re starting a wine collection, and need to figure out where to store it all properly so it will still taste good in 20 years!?

Meet the folks at Wayfair…they recently teamed up with wine bloggers to offer advice on how to start a home wine collection. Their article covers things like popular wines to collect, where to store wine in your home, and what wines to save for special occasions. Make no mistake though, there are LOTS of other wines not mentioned here that are ageworthy, so if there is someone you trust to give you advice on such things, talk to them!

Lots of good information in here, and you just might find some helpful tips, along with something I saw on their website that is always a big draw…free shipping! Salute!

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