Geeky Grape Girl (G3) – Part 1

What does one do when Writer’s Block hits really hard and swift? In my case, it’s have-a- little-quiz-about-Italian-wine-grapes-to-fill-the-time post! I’ve started the fast and furious studies on Italian wine grapes in anticipation of my return to Verona in April to re-sit the VIA (Vinitaly International Academy) course and write the exam for Italian Wine Expert.

With all the time spent with my nose in the books, writing a blog has been perhaps the last thing on my mind. So rather than readers lose interest, I’ll have short posts with a few grapes for you to “sip” on.  The goal for you is to tell me where in Italy it is grown (and it might be more than one region) and if it’s red or white. It’s not very hard, and it’s not meant to be something to stress over!  Some of them will be more prevalent, but some might be really obscure. And if you’ve tasted the wine made from the grape, I’d like to know that too! I’ll post the answers on Friday! Believe it or not, testing you, also helps me learn, so it really is a two-way street (and perhaps a bit selfish on my part?) 🙂

So here we go:

Vernaccia di Oristano- color and region(s)

Albarola – color and region(s)

Biancolella – color and region(s)

Capprettone – color and region(s)

Coda di Volpe – color and region(s)

Grechetto – color and region(s)

Remember, don’t stress!  This is only meant to be fun! I’ll post the answers on Friday! Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing yours!  Salute!


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