It’s Up To You, New York, New York

The Big Apple.

Doesn’t everyone dream of going there someday, at least to see it? In five days, I will be there, but perhaps not for the reasons that one may think…

I would love to see Lady Liberty up close and personal from the bow of a boat, or climb to the top of the Empire State Building, or take the subway just to say I did, look up, way up to the buildings of Manhattan, see a Broadway show, eat some fabulous cuisine made by top star chefs, and mingle with the somms of New York…yes, I’d love to do all that, but this time, I can’t!

Wait, whaattt?

My youngest daughter is graduating from High School this week. A large school with about 700 grads, so the affair takes place over two evenings. Wednesday, we’ll watch her cross the stage to accept her diploma, then on Thursday, she gets to don her fabulous dress, get the hair and makeup done, and go to the banquet and dance. I as her mother, wouldn’t miss it for the world, and I won’t. It just means I have to get on a plane very early (or very late, depending on how you look at it!)

But I also have a very important exam to write…in New York City, on June 30th…

They say third time’s the charm right? Well, I sure hope so, as I go for attempt number three to become an Italian Wine Expert. I get on a plane at 12:55 am on June 30 to Toronto, then at 8 am, I fly to New York, then catch a quick shuttle to the Astor Centre, where I will write this 100 question multiple choice exam, when most will already be finished, and anxiously awaiting their mark and whether or not they can go for the second part of the exam – the oral exam, but only if you get 90%! It’s a big deal, and I’ve been preparing diligently, all the while, trying to keep everyone’s schedule straight in my head, making sure there’s food in the house, and being the best wife and mom I can be. Not to mention my parents are arriving this evening for the graduation festivities, so I also have to be a good hostess! All this is not easy when preparing for a very important, very key exam.

After the exam, if I don’t make it? Well, I’m still an Ambassador, and will proudly represent Italian grapes and wine just like I always do. And then I get back on a plane at 6 am on July 1 to resume celebration activities with my family. No Lady Liberty, no Empire State Building, no Broadway shows, and no fabulous dinners! But that’s ok, because there’s always next time right?

Ol’ Blue Eyes said it best…a new title for me? It’s up to you New York, New York! Cheers!


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  1. nomadrs says:

    You got this Marcia!!

    Cheers, Juanita

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