South African Adventure – Day 1 & 2

Sometimes life deals you a hand you can’t refuse…yup, again, I am blessed, to not only be participating in my first harvest, but to do it in South Africa is beyond anything I ever imagined. I have my own little loft with a magnificent view, and on a daily basis, I will have the company and expertise of two handsome, intelligent winemakers at Journey’s End Vineyards! I’ve already been put through some paces…vineyard tour, tasting the grapes for ripeness, barrel sampling and stock counting, along with going through said stock to get rid of expired product. Then later on in the afternoon, I was able to assist with a blending: the tanks were going to be blended with some Cabernet with the Merlot and vice versa. Finding the blend that tasted the best was the task, and along with the two winemakers and the consultant, I also had the chance to taste. We all agreed.

Nice. I think I passed my first test.

I also discovered that I was chosen from literally thousands of applications for this PIWOSA Women in Wine program, so I’m certainly feeling even more special!ViognierCabernet Franc

Harvest is almost ready to begin. It looks like the Chardonnay could start Monday, so that gives me this week to explore a little and perhaps check out the sights this weekend. I will however, be heading to a partner winery of PIWOSA, De Grendel Wine Estate tomorrow, and will have a chance to work there for a couple of days. Pinot Noir is ready to be harvested, and I am looking forward to seeing that part of South Africa as well as meeting Sir De Villiers Graaf (again), along with the rest of his family.

My first full day in the Cape. It was hot. Very hot, but the evening was calm and serene and this was where I spent the early evening, meeting new people and sharing this unbelievable view!

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