Not just Another Evening with Friends

Sometimes as life moves along, and there’s stuff to be written, it just doesn’t get down on paper…it’s the same stuff, blah, blah, blah. Writing about tasting wines (again), teaching about wines (again), learning about wines (again), it just gets tiring. It gets tiring for me, the writer, I can’t imagine what it must be like for you, the reader. How many wines do you want to see, learn and read about? It’s not the end though! I will write more, but right now, I think I know why I feel this way though.

It’s the year before the BIG birthday. I call it my epic birthday. Every year, I’m asked what I want for my birthday or what I want to do for my birthday. Many times the answer is the same: nothing. So what is it I really want? I don’t need anymore tokens or trinkets, and I certainly don’t need wine! But given the gift of time, that is always priceless, and I love it when people want to spend time…with me.

The Italians – a Negro Amaro from Puglia that was unctuous and full bodied, and a recioto from Fabiano – a company that no longer exists. The earthiness in this wine counteracted with the sweetness, and paired nicely with the mixed berries of the cheesecake!

I had a dinner party on Saturday night –  three days before my birthday, so for all intents and purposes, it was a birthday dinner! But I never pitched it that way to anyone. It’s just friends getting

together for dinner. The only ones who really knew it was about my birthday was my husband (who kindly did all the grilling), and one of my best friends (who also made the most delicious cheesecake!) Otherwise, it was just friends getting together for dinner, and I was more than ok with that! I was able to open and share some bottles of wine that I wouldn’t open for myself, but with a group of people who appreciated them! And it was a grand evening – memories made, times treasured, and adult conversation.

The South Africans – not available in our market, but a sparkling made in the traditional method from Le Lude, where they specialize in ONLY sparkling, a big bold Cabernet from JE where I interned, and a Mouvedre rose from Glen Carlou – all were outstanding and amazing quality!



Wines from two of my favourite countries were opened, and in a small way, it was reliving time spent in those countries! Thank you friends for making my evening memorable!

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  1. Happy Birthday and the number doesn’t mean a thing.

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