Quarantine: 14 days of Isolation Wines- Day Two

After surviving day one with happy bubbles watching a Netflix movie or two, reading the latest news on COVID-19, I awake to get ready for work, put my uniform on, and ensure my hand sanitizer is in my purse. What will I open tonight? Although I crave the warm spring weather, I can’t sit outside on my patio just yet, so perhaps tonight will be a good night to open a red. I’ll start light…(And isn’t it funny that you can see my reflection in this bottle of wine! )

Day 2: Domaine Langlois-Chateau Saumur –  The term Château with the circumflex over the letter A has to do with it being a “house” or an “estate”. The names Langlois-Chateau on this bottle of wine, refer to the husband and wife owners who bought this estate in 1912. Both now deceased (she in 1949), the Bollinger family in 1973, became the major shareholder of the estate. In Saumur, of the Loire Valley the main grapes are Cabernet Franc (red) and Chenin Blanc (white). I’m personally a big fan of Cab Franc, who I affectionately refer to as “Big Daddy”, and this wine pleases me! This 100% Cabernet Franc is super juicy and fresh, but also savoury and classic “cab franc-i-ness” abounds in this bottle with both black and red cherry, blueberry and raspberry, with a hint of the typical green pepper notes and some underlying earthiness which makes me want to take another sip. The tannins are smooth and non-agressive. Dangerously good and easy to drink…

Try it with some grilled chicken or pork tenderloin! May Day two be as fruitful as Day One…Santé!

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1 Response to Quarantine: 14 days of Isolation Wines- Day Two

  1. Winedaddy59 says:

    Nice choice… I have a different cab franc at home that I’m thinking will be a delicious with lamb. Thanks for reminding me that I’ve got it. Cheers,

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