Quarantine: 14 Days of Isolation Wines – Day Four

I’m sure many of you have figured out by now that I’m not a new world wine fan. That’s what I mostly drink, which is not to say that New World wines are bad. They are not. I just prefer European wines. When I find some fabulous New World wines, I’m happy to taste, have a glass and share! With that said, tonight’s wines are new world wines from Chile! This country does mainly export, with estimates for 4.5 billion US dollars by end of 2020. Let’s hope COVID-19 doesn’t change that figure too much! That tells me that even the good stuff gets exported, when we see other countries perhaps “holding back”.

The Santa Ema syrah and cabernet sauvignon were brought to me a couple of weeks back by Ryan (back when it was still ok to have sales reps visit :)), and I was pleasantly surprised by these wines! Old world “flair” and flavour from a new world country. Brilliant.

The Cabernet grapes come from the Maipo Valley, grown in high altitudes at the foot of the Andes; it’s the perfect place to grow this late ripening grape, its’s hand-picked then fermented in stainless steel, with ageing in both French and American oak for multiple flavour profiles. It’s pretty darn good…those black cherry, cassis and plum notes, along with the integrated oak notes of tobacco and coffee, but with that underlying old world earthiness of cedar and forest floor. I’m thinking beef tonight, or beef on the barbecue…

The Syrah grows in the Leyda Valley, which gets all the influence from the Pacific Ocean…breezes wafting through to keep the grapes from ripening too fast. Again, it’s hand-picked and also aged in both French and American oak. It’s got great structure and those amazing syrah aromas and flavours of black cherry, violets, smoked meat, and of course that typical pepper note that just occurs naturally with the Syrah grape. Lovely..and to be honest, my favourite of the two wines. If you don’t want to throw a roast beef in the oven, or a steak on the barbecue, bring out the charcuterie and aged cheeses to pair this wine with!

Many people, when buying, are at that “sweet spot” of $20. You’ve got it with these two! Whether you’re a lover of wines made with Cabernet or with Syrah, ONE of these is sure to please, no doubt. Salud!

(Are you going crazy yet?)

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