Quarantine: 14 Days of Isolation Wines – Day 11

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during a different time period? Or if you were born in a different time period? This whole business of COVID-19 and what it’s doing to jobs, the economy, people’s social lives, etc, has been sometimes compared to that of war times (Specifically the last great World war) and the hardships therein. OK, let’s be honest. What we’re experiencing now is nowhere NEAR what folks went through in WWII. First of all, there was no computer technology back then. Telephones and telegraphs yes, but no www, Prime Video, Crave, or Netflix. Being cooped up in our houses with all the most advanced technology is completely different than being in a bomb shelter with only a candle for a light and a few books for company. We also didn’t have to deal with food stamps or rations. We still have the freedom and ability to go to the grocery store (at least once per week), and yes…still drink good wine.

Drinking good wine back then would also have been a luxury. Today, we can still go to the wine shop and buy a few nice bottles, or better yet, go online and have it delivered! Another fabulous modern convenience!

We talk to our friends in Europe, or go searching out articles to see what’s happening over there, but I know that Italy and Spain, for sure, are having a tough go of it. France certainly cannot be far behind, and we don’t hear much from Germany. It’s not easy and I have no doubts that they will come climbing back up to be better than ever. I salute them!

Tonight I will say Santé to my French friends and share with you a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé, from the Maçonnais, the region to the south of Burgundy making fabulous Chardonnay. For all you points driven people out there, this one scored a whopping 97 with Decanter. The 2017 Chateau-Fuissé Pouilly-Fuissé Tête De Cuvée checks all the boxes when it comes to making chardonnay (in my humble opinion). Well-integrated oak, highly concentrated and rich with bruised apples, honeyed pears, pralines and hints of spice all wrapped up in a beautiful full mouth feel with crisp acidity. Just stunning. You’ll love the price tag too: about $37 CAD for this beauty that will match your creamy chicken dishes (think chicken Alfredo) to a ‘T’

Bravo a mes amis français de preset de loin! Santé!

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    Marcia, what are your business hours

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