Making Pinot Grigio Ramato :The Dal Cero Family of Corte Giocobbe

It’s been a while since you’ve seen me. I think I have a good excuse! Mr Joy of Wine and myself decided to put our house up for sale, and after meeting with a realtor on April 6, we set off doing the little things (and a few VERY big things too…) to make our house more appealing to potential buyers. On May 21 the sign went up and two weeks later, it was officially sold! Three weeks after that we packed up and moved our house into a rental townhouse unit closer to where both of us work. I do know I had some nice bottles of wine during that time (and also shared some with others), but with the life busy-ness I often just forget to post!

Now that we’re mostly settled, I’m glad to be back in the groove with the #ItalianFWT and this month’s theme of Ramato wines, a hugely popular, trendy style of Pinot Grigio made by using some skin contact to obtain that ramato (copper) colour of the wine.

Where I live, we have no monopoly, and there are a LOT of pinot grigios. So much so, that it tends to get overwhelming for the consumer. True story:  when I started at my current job, we had over 30 different pinot grigi on the shelf. Seriously? That’s 25 too many if you ask me and if it was ramato, it most definitely stood out! The Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe Pinot Grigio Ramato, happens to be one of the best selling pinot grigios in the entire province. For my friend who imports this wine, it’s his best selling and indeed his bread and butter. It’s so good, we keep stacks of it available!

The Dal Cero family is now three generations of properties and winemaking with sites in the Cortona region of Tuscany, Soave, and Valpolicella. If you see labels of Dal Cero, Tenuta di Corte Giocobbe or Tenuta Montecchiesi, it’s all owned by the Dal Cero family whose ancestral home is in Soave.

It’s a family affair with siblings Davide managing the vineyards and winemaking, Francesca takes care of exports, and Nico looks after the Italian market. If I may be so bold:  this family does not make a bad bottle of wine! Their pinot grigio ramato is likely one of their most exported wines.

I’ve tried many ramato style wines, but I always come back to this one, because the aromatics and flavours punch it well above its competitors, and great quality at its price point. Immediately upon pulling the cork, the aromas of peach waft out of the bottle. This wine is hugely aromatic! Pour into a glass and the peaches morph into mango, tangerine and some bitter Italian herbs. The acidity was super zingy which always makes it a great match with any food, but my simple meal of grilled sauteed vegetables and a loaded hamburger – one of my favourite summertime meals, accentuated the Italian herbs from the nose onto the palate. Happy Canada Day from me and a great start to a summer of fantastic patio wines!  

I hope you’ll join us tomorrow for the Twitter chat and read these other great posts from my collegues at #ItalianFWT:

Salute and Happy Summer!

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13 Responses to Making Pinot Grigio Ramato :The Dal Cero Family of Corte Giocobbe

  1. Ann Waters says:

    What a delicious post! Being as it is peach season here in Virginia I’m going to go find a bottle and play with the aromas and flavors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa Denning says:

    Great article. I love a wine that includes the taste of bitter Italian herbs with a myriad of fruit notes! I will look for this ramato. And I added the link to your article on my ramato post. Not sure how it was excluded in the first place—sorry about that!

  3. Vino Travels says:

    Welcome back and congrats! It’s overwhelming with PG sometimes and not enough of these wines.

  4. Vino Travels says:

    Glad to have you back. I’ve been hanging in there too with so much going on. Life happens and congrats by the way. It’s overwhelming how many PG are on the shelves and not enough of wines like these Ramato.

  5. Nicole Ruiz Hudson says:

    I love the twist on the toppings on this burger — the veggies look very Italian and like a great match for the wine. I’ll definitely be looking out for this bottle!

  6. culinarycam says:

    This is a new-to-me producer. Thanks for the introduction. I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle.

  7. Lynn says:

    Congratulations on a quick and successful sale of your house! Thirty PG at a wine store?!? It must be a large store! Thanks for the intro to Dal Cero. As I continue to taste new ramato, always nice to know about one that is slam-dunk good!

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  11. wendyklik says:

    Moving is such a huge chore. I’m glad you are settled in and able to join in this month’s Ramato event.

  12. I’m new to Ramato style wines but based on your description I can imagine this one being a best seller. I love that you paired it with a burger. And congratulations on the house sale!

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