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True Devotion

As I was reading the one of the Drunken Cyclist’s posts, I too was reminded of how much my writing has changed sinced I started this whole blog adventure.  And while I don’t claim to be an incredible writer, it has certainly … Continue reading

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Queen Chardonnay

I’ve been into Chardonnays lately…and as any wine geek can relate, that is something we likely all go through.  Next month, it might be a different varietal, or even a blend, but for now, the Chardonnay is the Queen.  I … Continue reading

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Honig..Need I say more?

For those of you familiar with the Honig Family winery, you may know that they release a “postcard” every year, featuring the family members as well as the staff that operate and run the vineyard.  Let me say one thing: … Continue reading

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Kitty in a wine box

OK, this post is not going to be so much about wine…but a chance to make you smile! My cat likes to leave her fur EVERYWHERE, so my husband had a brain wave..let’s try to keep her contained!  Cats like … Continue reading

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This thing called Life…

Isn’t it funny how the most brilliant ideas come to us either in the shower, or while we’re lying in bed, either trying to fall asleep or just waking up?  Yeah, last night I experienced that, and I just should … Continue reading

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