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A New Year

Most businesses operate on a “fiscal year”, which could mean any month becomes the new year.   For the rest of us, we just look at the calendar and know that New Years occurs on January 1!  With September 1 a … Continue reading

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Wine Geek

I’m a wine geek….yes, I freely admit that I…AM a wine geek! I never seriously thought about it until my instructor mentioned it during our 6 day “die-hard” level 3 WSET training.  She informed us that only “wine geeks” would … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Wine

Let me be clear:  I don’t agree with drunkenness.  I do not condone it, nor do I encourage it.  It’s all about moderation, and my teaching is appreciation and knowledge of what is in your glass…not so much how it … Continue reading

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