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Getting Over Myself

As I was coming in to work today, I had many thoughts about life. Things such as what I’m doing, where I’m going in life, and just life in general. Thoughts that I want to share with you even though it makes … Continue reading

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At This Time of Life…

As I go over my blog, I’m a little embarrassed to see that my last post was in July, 2015…quite pathetic actually! To my credit, I DID post last year that I may be away while I’m doing this whole … Continue reading

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Portugeuse Anyone?

If one were to come and look at the Portuguese section of my store, the comment is that it’s a great selection and we have a lot!  I beg to differ.  Although we have some great wines from Portugal (about … Continue reading

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Portugese Pink

‘Tis the season for rosés!!  I’ve never been a big rosé fan to be honest, but lately, I’ve been tasting some real beauties, and as the weather warms from spring to summer, you can bet I’ll be cracking a few … Continue reading

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Superhero Wine~Here to Save the Day! (Part II)

In this next installment of superhero wine, it’s the ladies’ turn…sorry guys, it’s not about you this time, but the smart, sexy, strong superhero ladies!  And it’s also time to turn to the Marvel camp, so I hope you enjoy … Continue reading


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