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Private Home Wine Tastings

Love wine and have friends that also love wine?  Book one of my tasting packages in the comfort of your own home!  Book clubs, Birthday Parties, Wedding Showers/Stagettes, Couples Nights, Women’s Clubs, any kind of club!  See below for what I have to offer! (*wines chosen by me will be unique and reflect the character and style of the grape or the region.)

It’s all about customizing!  We can do whatever you want,  I want this to be YOUR wine tasting! If you don’t see what you like here, simply call or email me for a “custom tasting” to suit your needs and your crowd!  (Custom tastings start around $50/per person, and will often start with a Sparkling of some sort!) Too expensive? We can cut down the number of wines tasted and lower the price to suit your budget! 

If you’re stuck on someplace to start, see the packages outlined below and we can go from there!

Tasting Package A – Basic Tasting: $40/person

Does walking into a store and seeing a sea of wine overwhelm you?  This basic package features three whites and three reds, and will give you an understanding of some of the most popular grapes out there, what they taste like, and what you can look for in choosing a wine!  Come prepared for a fun and informative evening!  This tasting will be approximately  1 1/2 hours.

Examples of wines chosen will be: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz (or Malbec)

Tasting Package B – Advanced Tasting:  $60/person

This package is designed for those with more than a basic knowledge of wine, and are looking to expand upon that knowledge. This package will move more into blends, and we will discuss more of wine regions and the characteristics of the wines themselves. We will also discuss aging and storage of wines.  If the group is keen, we can also do some blind tasting as well! Be prepared for a fun and informative evening! This tasting will be approximately 2 hours.

Examples of wines chosen will be: Italian Prosecco, Higher end German Riesling, Premium American Chardonnay, Italian Valpolicella Classico or Superiore, Australian GSM blend, French Bordeaux.

Fill out the form below for more information and dates that might suit you!

The fine print: For any tasting package – 8 person minimum, including the hostess. Fees include the services of a Wine Professional, all of the wine, stemware, ice, ice buckets, tasting sheets and bread or crackers (for cleansing the palate). Tastings are subject to a $100 non-refundable deposit fee.


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