In life, we need partners. People that help us out. “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type of thing.

Unlike many of my colleagues, I cannot get samples “mailed” to me from a winery. I can however taste a myriad of wines from the many importers I know. In Alberta, there are too many distributors to count. Which is kind of crazy for a province with a total population of 4.3 million!

Enotri Wine Marketing is a portfolio with only European wine and good wine. The motto of Roots Matter comes from stories of the vineyards and the due care and attention the vines receive from winemakers who care equally how the final product is also made. If you haven’t tried any wine from this portfolio, you should. Check your favourite wine shop for anything from Enotri!

Having a retail partner – something we need here in the province of Alberta, is key! Fine Wines by Liquor Select has an excellent selection of wine, a huge walk-in cooler full of craft beer and an extensive wall of Scotch and other spirits! Weekly Friday tastings, and great tastings by importers, distributors, winemakers and export managers in their education room upstairs. Sign up for their newsletter (on the website) to be the first to know of tastings coming up!